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  • FBC Senior Adult Ministry
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FBC Women's Ministry

Why have a women’s ministry?  We want to meet the unique needs of a target audience, including women of college age and up.  The tasks would be to

  • equip our women to enrich the lives of other women through Christ;
  • help women discover their God-given gifts for ministry; 
  • lead women to accept Christ as Lord;
  • lead them to become women of deep prayer; and 
  • lead them to become women who study the Bible and base their lives on the Word of God.

We accomplish this through different activities such as Bible studies, retreats, fellowship, and WMU.  

  • Ladies Bible Study - Wednesdays at 10am in the Fellowship Hall and 6:30pm in the Adult 5 classroom

The mission statement for FBC Women’s Ministry is:  Draw women together to encourage deeper relationships with Christ and each other through bible-based studies and ministry opportunities.

Baptist Men 

We are a missions and ministries organization within First Baptist Church of Toccoa, Georgia. Our mission purpose is to involve our people especially men and boys in missions and ministries, seeking to achieve a balance between men doing missions and ministries, while at the same time ministering to men at FBC.

We function with a structure that provides four (4) focus areas or groups:

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Family Life
  • Church Life
  • Missions and Ministries

With this structure the men at FBC will seek to:

  • Grow spiritually;
  • Spread the “good news” through missions and ministries;
  • Strengthen families;
  • Build joyful Christ like unity at FBC.

All this is done with the respect and grace of a man's heart toward each other and to those to whom we minister.

Faith Riders

"We can do this."  With those four simple words, two couples sought after the divine leading of God, said "Yes" to His will, and established a motorcycle ministry called F.A.I.T.H. Riders in February 2002 at First Baptist Church at the Mall in Lakeland, FL.  What began as a four-person step of faith has grown into a team of many dedicated believers committed to the cause of Christ and to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ on and with their motorcycles to any who will listen.  The ministry has expanded to over one hundred seventy churches, with more chapters getting ready to be born across the United States — chapters comprised of motorcycle riders and others passionate about sharing F.A.I.T.H. through Christian fellowship.

Each Commissioned Chapter of F.A.I.T.H. Riders has a special responsibility to "set the standard" for the Ministry.  We only accomplish this through obedient surrender to the voice of the Father, and NOT by our own efforts.


The F.A.I.T.H. Riders blazon — their "colors" — consists of four primary colors and four symbols: 

  • Black:   Indicates the sinful, disobedient nature of man after the fall
  • White: God’s Light.  Glory.  In God’s light all darkness disappears.
  • Red: The blood of Jesus—the only thing that can cleanse us from our sins
  • Blue: The regal, royal character of our King Jesus.
  • Gold: Purity in its truest form is Jesus.
  • Streamer: Our nation set apart by the only true living God of the Bible.
  • Eagle: God’s power
  • Stars:   Seven complete stars; all is complete in Jesus
  • Cross: Is the center of our patch, showing that we are centered on Jesus.  

What does F.A.I.T.H. stand for?
F=Forgiveness   A=Available   I=Impossible   T=Turn   H=Heaven
Forgiveness is available.  It is impossible for Jesus to allow sin into Heaven.  We must turn from self and to Heaven.

The Ministry of F.A.I.T.H. Riders

The command of God implores us as we "go into all the world we are to preach the Gospel to all creation" (Mark 16:15); the F.A.I.T.H. Riders take this calling seriously as the lifeblood of its existence and passion.  This is a ministry, not a riding club or gang, and our sole purpose is to share the life-changing Good News by equipping the saints to engage in practical ministry opportunities.

Through the ministry of F.A.I.T.H. Riders, bikers and others are learning about Jesus Christ and receiving His awesome gift of salvation and eternal life in Heaven with Him.  F.A.I.T.H. Riders is reaching people with their bikes who may not normally step foot into an organized church or Bible study.  It's putting rubber, as well as shoe leather, onto the Gospel message.

At First Baptist Church, Toccoa Georgia, F.A.I.T.H. Riders was organized with the purpose of glorifying God as it passionately seeks to share F.A.I.T.H. in Jesus Christ.  Our group consists of people from all walks of life, riding all styles, makes, and models of bikes, all of whom love their church and have found a fun way to share their faith and beliefs with others.

Kingdom Men

Mission and Goals

The Kingdom Men of Toccoa seek to do God’s will, within the guidance of God’s Kingdom and his word, in Toccoa Georgia and the surrounding community. We commit to prayerfully seek opportunities for men of God’s Kingdom to work in our churches and communities to further God’s work. The group is an interdenominational, interracial, evangelical organization of Christian Men. We believe that Kingdom Men must step up our efforts to reach others with the message of Jesus Christ, while modelling our faith and working diligently and consistently to heal the divisions in our nation, and to improve the lives of the youth and men within our community. We intend to change our community and our world through a variety of service activities.

Our organizational goals are to:

  • Reach out to all community members to share the message of Jesus Christ;
  • Provide Kingdom Men as mentors for troubled young children within the local school system;
  • Provide re-integration assistance to men in half-way houses, jails and prisons in Toccoa, GA;
  • Hold a Men’s Worship and Activity Planning Conference Event yearly;
  • Hold Kingdom Men planning meetings at least quarterly to further the work of the group;
  • Seek additional activities in which committed Kingdom Men may do God’s work to improve our community.

A Brief History

The Kingdom Men of Toccoa was initiated in the fall of 2016 by a bible study group at First Baptist Church in Toccoa. Those fifty men then began a mentoring effort and a half-way house ministry, both of which are changing lives, and are thus, already successful ministries. We then invited participation from other men in neighboring churches in the community to form the group, Kingdom Men of Toccoa. As of March 1, 2017, thirteen churches have combined our efforts in this work. We pray for and expect to have some 25 churches working together within the next two months! Further, we are now expanding our missions far beyond these initial efforts, and we seek other missions within our community consistent with our mission and goals.

FBC Senior Adult Ministry

The senior adult ministry is conducted in large part by the Senior Adult Committee.  They plan the activities and trips for senior adults and accompany them on all of those trips.

One of the highlights for the seniors is the XYZ luncheon held on the second Tuesday of September through May each year.  The meal is prepared by the women of the church, and lunch is held in the fellowship hall of the church.  There is no cost for the senior adults who attend.

The Senior Adult Committee hosts at least one activity or trip each month.  Some examples of these activities include movie night (dinner and a movie), day trips to places like Hamrick’s in Anderson or Gaffney for shopping and to the mountains to see fall leaves or spring azaleas and mountain laurel.  Sometimes we take a mystery trip to an unknown location.  We have attended plays at Flat Rock Playhouse or Abbeville Opera House and concerts at the Smoky Mountain Center for the Performing Arts.  Overnight trips (and sometimes 2- or 3-day trips) have included Pigeon Forge, Americus and Plains, Charlotte, Savannah, and Charleston.  Every excursion includes at least one delicious meal and gives the senior adults an opportunity for fun and fellowship together.

Boy Scout Troop 217

Scout Master, Rex Patterson

Scout Master, Rex Patterson


  • Rex Patterson - Scout Master
  • Mitch Clary - High Adventure Coordinator
  • Roger Sheppard - Logistics Coordinator
  • Barry Whitworth - Special Events Coordinator
  • Joe Moore - Board of Review Chairman
  • Jim Simmons - Troop Committee Chairman
  • O.B. Patterson - Advancement Chairman
  • William Tucker - Troop Treasurer
  • Doug Anderson
  • Barry Whitworth
  • Marty Escoe
  • Terry English
  • Spencer Palmer
  • Tom Smith
  • Jon Zeches
  • Mike Meeks

A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent.

First Baptist Church is a sponsor for Boy Scout Troop 217.  This group is a very active troop. Currently the troop consists of more than forty (40) young men between the ages of eleven (11) and seventeen (17), and the troop has maintained a membership of this size for the last fourteen (14) years.  Dr. Rex Patterson has been the current Scoutmaster for the last sixteen years.  There are at least ten (10) adult leaders who work with the boys each week. Two of the leaders, Roger Sheppard and Mitch Clary, have been active for fifteen (15) years.  Over the years, fifty-nine (59) boys have earned the rank of Eagle Scout. 

The aim of Boy Scouts is to make learning fun by doing as much as possible outside a classroom setting.  A boy scout’s learning occurs on hikes on the Appalachian Trail or trips to the Okefenokee Swamp or longer excursions to destinations such as Colorado or Washington, DC.  His learning occurs during the week long summer camp at Camp Rainey Mountain near Clayton, Georgia, or on simple one night camping trips to Currahee Mountain, the Chattooga River, or trips to the many national forests near Toccoa.  Boy Scout learning includes rock climbing done safely, hiking, caving, rafting on rivers, and cooking over an open fire.  Scouting is a great experience for boys, one that lasts a lifetime.  Whether a boy participates for one year or goes all the way to Eagle Scout, his experiences will enrich his life and provide a lifetime of memories.

Troop 217 is a community troop with boys from all over Stephens County and many different churches.  Every boy is welcome who is at least eleven years old or in the sixth grade.  The troop meets in the Scout Hut building behind the FBC on Wednesday at from 5:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m.  If your son is interested, just call Rex Patterson at 706-886-7433 or the church office at 706-886-6822.


Music Groups

Children’s Choirs  -  These groups meet each Sunday evening at 5:45 during the school year and are led by a dedicated group of volunteers. 

Preschool Choir – This group is for children age 3 through 5.  These boys and girls enjoy singing and experimenting with various rhythm instruments.

Music Makers – Children in grades 1 through 3 make up this choir where the children sing, play instruments, and learn about music and worship.

Young Musicians – This group is made up of children in grades 4 through 5.  In addition to singing these boys and girls learn the fundamentals of music, about worship, and play Orff instruments and well as other rhythmic instruments.

Youth Choir  -  This choir for youth in grades 7 through 12 meets each Sunday afternoon during the school year at 5:00.  The choir sings a variety of music from spirituals, the classics, and contemporary choral selections. This group has gone to such locales as Chicago, Washington, D.C. and San Antonio on summer mission trips.  There is also a select Youth Vocal Ensemble that rehearses just before Youth Choir rehearsal.
Sanctuary Choir  -  Older youth and adults make up this choir which is the main worship leading choir.  This group meets each Wednesday night at 7:30 for rehearsal.  One of the highlights of the year is the Christmas Music Celebration presented each December by the Sanctuary Choir.  The choir also presents other concerts at various times.

Adult Handbells  -  Meeting on Tuesday afternoons at 5:00, this group rings 3 octaves of handbells.  This ensemble is open to older youth and adults.

Praise Band  -  Our Praise Band, provides the music for our First Light contemporary service each Sunday morning.  It is made up of vocalists, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums.  This volunteer group meets weekly for practice on Thursday at 7:30pm.

Men’s Quartet  -  This group meets weekly and provides music periodically for worship services.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”   Psalm 150:6

First Baptist Church has a long history of placing a strong emphasis on music in the life of the church and her members in worship as well as in education.  With a heritage steeped in the traditional music of the church, First Baptist has a well-developed choral program for all ages as well as a skilled praise band that leads in our contemporary service.  In every service, whether traditional or contemporary, music plays a vital role and is always planned to be appropriate for the worship service.  

Our traditional 11:00 a.m. Sunday service uses hymns accompanied by the majestic sounds of the church’s 63 rank pipe organ and the Sanctuary Choir which sings anthems from a wide range of choral literature.

Our First Light contemporary service at 8:30 a.m. each Sunday is led by our Praise Band made up of vocalists, guitar, bass, keyboard, and drums.  The music for this service comes from the wide variety of contemporary Christian songs and hymns that are popular today.

Book Club

If you like to read and then discuss what you have read, come join in the discussions with us.  We meet on the first Thursday of each month in the library at 5:00 PM for about one hour.  Next discussion is on Thursday, April 6th, at 5:00 pm, in the church library.  You would be most welcome.

WINTER JOURNEYbyDiane Armstrong

A mother's silence, a village with a terrible secret, as an Australian woman travels to Poland to uncover a mystery.

Forensic dentist Halina Shore arrives in Nowa Kalwaria to take part in a war crimes investigation, she finds herself at the center of a bitter struggle in a community that has been divided by a grim legacy.  She does not realise that she has also embarked on a confronting personal sacrifice. 

Inspired by a true incident that took place in Poland in 1941.  Armstrong's powerful novel is part mystery, part forensic investigation, and a moving story of love, loss, sacrifice and hope.

Hope to hear from you. 

Nancy St.Clair

Come by your church library and check us out!!

Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12)

Learning is a lifelong process. Christian learning doesn’t stop with Sunday school or the Sunday morning sermon. The Library/Media Center at First Baptist Church has a long tradition of providing quality material for members of all ages. The library is a lending library operating on a check-out system. If you are looking to deepen your Christian walk, evangelize with confidence, or if you are simply looking for materials to enjoy entertainment with Christian values, you need to visit the library at FBC. There is something here for everyone. If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can check into obtaining the material for you. Mrs. Nancy St. Clair, our librarian, provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere for all visitors to the library.

Each month the library will have a book review featured on this site. We will also be including a list of new arrivals. Come by and visit us soon. We look forward to seeing you.

North Georgia Counseling Center

For the past twenty years, The Northeast Georgia Counseling Center under the leadership of Dr. Thomas Howell has offered those who need and will benefit from its services a counseling relationship of support, healing, and understanding that can help individuals, families, and couples reach a place of growth and wholeness and eventually achieve a greater sense of well-being.

Anchored in Christian faith, principles and values, the mission of Northeast Counseling Center is to promote mental and spiritual health while demonstrating respect and compassion to those we serve. 

There are two office locations with one being here at First Baptist Church, Toccoa.  The other office is located in the Joe A. Adams Professional Building in Royston, GA.   For appointments and information call one of the following numbers.

706-498-5562 (Office Mail)
706-886-6822 (First Baptist Church, Toccoa)
706-245-1861 (Royston Office)